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Female Orgasmic Consciousness:

New Horizons


 H. Ümit Sayin

Abstract:   Although there are many forms of female orgasms described in the literature, there are still debates about the female orgasmic response and no unified theory to explain those orgasmic reflexes and sexual responses have been proposed. Also, there are inconsistent reports and comments about the ‘vaginal versus clitoral orgasm controversy’. Recently, a novel form of female orgasms has been coined as “Expanded Sexual Response” (ESR), and defined as: “being able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer and more intense than the classical orgasm patterns defined in the literature”. Expanded orgasms induce a different state of consciousness, or “orgasmic consciousness”, whereas many forms of altered states of consciousness (ASC) can be observed. There are lots of reports, coming from the data accumulated during last decades on the female orgasm and orgasmic consciousness, which confirms the fact that “clitoral and vaginal orgasms are two separate entities”, while their unification may induce a stronger and intense form of female orgasm, coined as “blended orgasm”. As we have hypothesized in our other publications, at least six orgasmic reflex pathways may take part in the development of single or multiple clitoral, vaginal, blended orgasms, and expanded, enhanced, prolonged ESR orgasms. Pudental, pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves play major roles in the development of single or ESR orgasms, as well as at least two oxytocin pathways may contribute to it. In blended, ESR orgasms and/or status orgasmus, more than one ‘orgasm reflex arch pathway’ may trigger the orgasm at the same time, while other pathways play a supplementary role. We have investigated the ESR phenomenon using a specific ESR-Scale in a series of surveys among ESR-women, compared to the control groups and defined the main characteristics of ESR phenomenon in the human female. ESR women seem to have higher libido, higher masturbation frequency, more erotic fantasies, stronger and more intense, prolonged orgasms or expanded orgasms (EO); while they experience multiple clitoral, vaginal and blended orgasms separately, as well as status orgasmus. Also ESR women are more aware of their bodies and their deep vaginal erogenous zones (DVZs), which comprises inner clitoris, G-Spot, A-Spot, O-Spot, PC-Muscles and Cervix. “Four nerve-six pathway theory of female orgasm” and oxytocinergic system may seem to explain ESR phenomenon

KEY WORDSorgasmic consciousness, vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, G-spot, A-spot, PC-muscles, blended orgasm, status orgasmus, expanded orgasm, four nerve theory, expanded sexual response, ESR,  deep vaginal erogenous zone, DVZ

SexuS Journal ● 2017 ● 2 (4): 117-145

ERRATUM: There is a mistake and lack of Fig-1-B in the whole issue  (Spring-2017 Issue) where  this article takes place. Please download this corrected single version of the article. 



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