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B-WHIPPLE-Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm  

Beverly Whipple, Willam E. Hartman &

Marilyn A. Fithian 



Alfred Kinsey and his associates defined sexual climax, or orgasm, as an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the peak of sexual response. Most authorities attribute it to a reflex, but some focus on the subjective perception of activity in specific genital muscles and organs. After conducting extensive interviews with researchers studying the physiological components of orgasm, Gallager indicated that the consensus focuses on the involuntary response. The stimulus is usually thought to be physical, although recent research demonstrates that imagery is an adequate eliciting stimulus.

 Female Orgasm, PC-Muscle, Grafenberg Spot, Vulval Orgasm


SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (8): 549-554


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