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APA’S DSM-5 HDSI Proposal Re-

Female Perspectives


H. Ümit Sayin and Asiye Kocatürk


American Psychiatric Association (APA) revised and updated the DSM-IV into DSM-5 in 2013; DSM-6 is said to be on the way. DSM Manual is globally used for the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. In 2013 APA was about to define a new psychiatric disorder, enti-tled as “Hypersexual Disorder” (HD); however, many criteria defined by Martin P. Kafka for the proposal were unclear, ambiguous and questionable, which was criticized by psychiatrists and medical doctors fiercely. APA dropped the proposal.  In this article, we re-assess the female perspectives of the HD and question whether such a new disorder is necessary. Norms of sexual behavior changes from culture to culture; “normal” is very difficult to define in sexual research, while many aspects of female sexuality has not been unraveled yet.  Great extent of research and surveys should be realized before defining “what is pathological?” and “what is hypersexual disorder?” Otherwise, healthy women can easily be misdiagnosed as HD.

KEY WORDS:  hypersexual disorder, APA, DSM-5, nymphomania, Kafka, mental illness, psychiatric disorder, HDSI


SexuS Journal ● Winter-2019 ● 4 (11): 979-990


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Acknowledgements: This study was supported by the funds of Marmara University, Medipol University and BAP/İstanbul University. We thank Prof. Charles Moser for his invaluable, feed back, information and support.