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An Interdisciplinary Journal on Sexual Health

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Initial Editorial Board

SexuS Journal is an official publication of CİSEATED-ASEHERT (www.ciseated.org) founded and directed by Dr. Ümit Sayin and ASEHERT and owned by Onur Basım Yayın Reklam Matbaa Co. SexuS Journal is published quarterly; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall issues will be published by the end of the season at the internet address: www.sexusjournal.com; printed copies of individual articles and issues will also be available. SexuS Journal publishes original research articles, summaries of former researches, research & science articles, articles printed else-where with the appropriate permissions, review articles, short articles (total 6-8 pages), letters to the editor, proceedings and abstracts of the scientific and academic conferences, case studies, declarations, international agreements (such as WAS-Sexual Rights Declaration), popular science articles, shortened reviews of articles published else-where (such as Scientific American, Discover magazine etc.) with the appropriate permission, news and some magazine articles on the areas of the scopes of the journal; the publication limits of SexuS Journal is as wide as at the acceptable scopes of the journal.


Editors in Chief

Osmo Kontula (Finland)

Ümit Sayın (Turkey)

Oswaldo M. Rodrigues (Brazil)

Sultan Tarlaci (Turkey) 

Editorial Board

 (Alphabetical Order-Name)

Allen Laan (Netherlands)

Annette Bischof-Kampbel (Switzerland)

Barry Komisaruk (USA)

Beverly Whipple (USA)

Carlos Schenck (USA)

Charles Moser (USA)

Debra Herbenick (USA)

Elsa Mari Almas (Norway)

Erwin Haeberle (Germany)

Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad (Norway)

Fehmi Narter (Turkey)

H. Ümit Sayin (Turkey)

Joshua Rosenberger (USA)

Karoline Bischof (Switzerland)

Maaret Kallio (Finland)

Marjo Tossavainen (Finland)

Murat Ulusoy (Turkey)

Osmo Kontula (Finland)

Oswaldo M. Rodrigues (Brazil)

Roy Levin (England)

Sultan Tarlaci (Turkey)

Süleyman Eserdağ (Turkey)

Yitzchcak M. Binik (Canada)