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An Interdisciplinary Journal on Sexual Health

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List of Articles (2015-2016)



Osmo Kontula

Sexual Revolution and Sexual Rights in Finland-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2015 ● 1 (1): 019-032

KEY WORDS: Sexual Revolution; Sexual Rights; Finland; Sexual History in Finland


Karoline Bischof

Sexocorporel in the Promotion of Sexual Pleasure-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2015 ● 1 (1): 033-043

KEY WORDS: Sexual Pleasure; Sexocorporel; Female Orgasm; Sexocorporal Workshop


Suck Won Kim, Carlos H. Schenck

James G. Pfaus

Neurobiology of Sexual Desire-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2015 ● 1 (1): 044-076

KEY WORDS: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorders, Sexual Desire, Sexual Motivation, Medial Preoptic Area, Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus, Testosterone, Estrogen


H. Ümit Sayin

Altered States of Consciousness Occurring During Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) in the Human Female: Preliminary Definitions—RESEARCH-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2015 ● 1 (1): 077-088

Expanded Sexual Response (ESR); Expanded Orgasm (EO); Altered States of Consciousness (ASC); Status Orgasmus (SO); Four nerve theory of female orgasm