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An Interdisciplinary Journal on Sexual Health

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Editorial Letter for Winter-2015 Issue:



We are pleased and happy to announce that CİSEATED-ASEHERT (Association of Sexual Health Education Research and Treatment) is starting a new international, quarterly, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, internet journal on human sexuality, neuroscience and related subjects along with the International Anatolian Congress on Neuroscience and Sexual Health, in May-2015, in İstanbul. This new journal is one of the few journals on the topic at this part of the globe, centered in İstanbul.


The scope of SexuS Journal is very wide and research articles, review articles on these topics stated at the “rules section” of this issue will be published after a peer review process. After the publication of the first four issues in 2015, the SexuS journal will receive ISSN and DoI numbers, and will start its official publications in 2016 both through the internet and also in the printed paper formats. There will be 8 to 12 articles (at much) in each issue in the beginning, gradually increasing its impact on human sexuality and neuroscience. Neuroscience articles which support the academic borders of human sexuality are also welcome.


We are expecting your articles to be published in the SexuS Journal and encourage you to submit your studies, researches, review articles in our new born scientific and academic journal starting from the year 2015. We will be very happy to receive your manuscripts and process them in very short periods of time to be published or printed. We are hoping to serve faithfully to academic and scientific circles and please the international research scientists, academicians, clinicians and the public as a new, novel and open-minded journal.


Best wishes to every reader


Dr. Ümit Sayin