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At last we are able to organize “International Anatolian Congress on Neuroscience and Sexual Health-2015”; and along with the congress, we have started to publish SexuS Journal as we had promised. We had to postpone International Anatolian Congress from September, 2014 to May, 2015 because of war and pro-war conditions at this area of the globe, besides many other reasons we have explained at the web sites:

www.twincongress2015.com         www.sexologycongress2014.com

This meeting, concentrating mainly on female sexuality and female orgasm, has been opposed by many political and academic circles from the beginning of its advertisement. We will publish the events and the reasons in the articles in SexuS and also in various books in future. We have become aware of the destructive-wild-capitalistic structure of congress-making, congress wild capitalism and congress issues, nationally and internationally, during our struggles to realize and organize this scientific meeting. In Turkey and even in Europe, we have faced many difficulties, such as that some organizations, some associations, and some particular academicians (especially some psychiatrists) tried to prevent and block this scientific event by means of various actions and attitudes. There were many reasons for this kind of territorial, aggressive and destructive “sperm wars”, which we were not involved in and were beyond of, as well as, so much resistance and opposition against our Anatolian Conferences. Even in Europe, some people and some companies, associations or foundations, who were claiming that they are the milestones and monuments of “Ethics and Deontology” (!) showed so much aggression and hostility that, we became aware that they had nothing to do with “Ethics, Deontology and Philosophy”, but they were after their own benefits and personal revenues. Science and System Theory cannot suffice none-scientific, irrational, ludicrous, insane behaviors and selfish attitudes; the nature of scientific thought and philosophy gives the lessons and penances to those kinds of inclinations and approaches, as experienced in history. We will discuss all the details in future.

In this issue we are publishing the proceedings, abstracts, programme and the details of the conference, which is held in 1-3, May, 2015 in İstanbul. The congress videos, pictures, abstracts and these will be on the web sites:

www.twincongress2015.com       www.sexusjournal.com and   www.ciseated.org 

We should thank Osmo Kontula, who, from the beginning has fully supported us and gave his positive feed-back, friendly approaches and great help for the realization of this meeting. We would also like to thank Barry Komisaruk, Charles Moser, Carlos Schenck, Erwin Haeberle, Oswaldo M. Rodrigues, Karoline Bischof, Annette Bischof-Kampbel, Maaret Kallio, Marjo Tossavainen, Joshua Rosenberger for helping us to realize and organize such a meeting. At the Turkish side we are very grateful to Levent Kartal, Taner Arısal and Birsen Güney, who helped both as sponsors and also organizers from the beginning. We should also thank Dr. Sultan Tarlaci, Dr. Fehmi Narter, Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ, Dr. Murat Ulusoy and many others who helped us from the beginning to organize and to present this scientific conference.

In the beginning some of the hypotheses and lectures of this conference were concentrating on:

• Cultural issues in sexology and sex therapy, such as in Nordic Countries and Scandinavia or other countries in Europe.

• Grafenberg’s spot (G-Spot), and “vaginal-coital orgasm theory” which is opposed by many Turkish sex therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

• f(MRI) imaging during pleasure and orgasm.

• Liberation of women and women’s rights.

• Enhancing pleasure in women, as it was in Tantric times.

• Use of vibrators and sex toys in sex therapy.

• Variations and fantasies.

• Criticism of proposed hyper-sexuality disorder in DSM.

• Paraphilias. 

• Criticism of orthodox and conservative attitudes against variations, fantasies, sexual diversities and Paraphilias.

• LGBT rights and defending the hypothesis that “LGBT is NOT a psychiatric disorder”. 

Adding them altogether, you can understand why there was so much attack, resistance and opposition against us from the political, academic, scientific and medical circles in a country, which nowadays debates how to take over a sharia law system in Islam, which, today, totally contradicts with the main articles of WAS-Declaration of Sexual Rights and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as we are nowadays observing in the wild attitudes of some radical Islamic groups, such as ISIS and Al Qaida.

However, after so much resistance, opposition and evil-wicked attitudes and actions, we are very happy to announce that we have gained a lot of experience and we are more powerful and robust now, compared to the beginning and we are very pleased to have realized and organized this conference in İstanbul; and plan to organize it every other 2 or 3 years. We hope you have enjoyed taking part in and joining the International Anatolian Congress on Neuroscience and Sexual Health-2015.

Best wishes to everyone,

Dr. Ümit Sayin