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An Interdisciplinary Journal on Sexual Health

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List of Articles (2018)





Carl Anton Paul Ruck


Mushroom Sacraments in the Cults of Early Europe-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (7): 369-404

KEY WORDS: mushroom, ergot, Dionysus, Apollo, Mithraism, Renaissance art, prehistoric rock art

Abstract: In 1957, R. Gordon Wasson, a professional banker and amateur mycologist, inadvertently launched a profound cultural change that has come to be called the Psychedelic Revolution, by publishing an account of his experience with a Mazatec shaman in Hautla de Jiménez in the mountains of central Mexico. The article appeared in Life magazine and was intended as publicity for his forthcoming Russia, Mushrooms, and History, in which he and his Russian-born wife Valentina Pavlovna pursued their lifelong fascination with their dichotomous attitudes toward fungi, which had led them to suspect a cultural taboo upon a sacred object. In 1968 he traced this taboo back to the Vedic Soma, which he identified as a psychoactive mushroom...REST


Osmo Kontula


Origins of Sexual Arousal-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (7): 405-412

KEY WORDS: Sexual arousal, erotica, fantasy, sexual stimuli

Abstract: “More than anything else, arousal is what drives good sex. It is the spark. It is also the cornerstone of a sexuality based on pleasure rather than on performance. If you want more exciting and more satisfying sex, go the greater arousal.” Bernie Zilbergeld (1992). A challenging question is why most of us are attached to specific turn-ons? What do our specific arousals reveal about who we are and what we‘re searching for? Why are certain people, images, and situations so much more stimulating to us than others? So far this has been discussed and studied surprisingly little in sexology.


H. Ümit Sayın



A Comparative Review of Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogen-Induced Altered States of Consciousness: Relation to Sexuality-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (7): 413-450

KEY WORDS: Altered states of consciousness, Hallucinogen, LSD, ibogaine, PCP, THC, MDMA, Methamphetamine, Mescaline, Psilocybin, DMT, ESR, expanded orgasm.

Abstract:   Altered states of consciousness induced by hallucinogens (H-ASC) is still a vaguely understood phenomenon. Taken the diverse psychological effects they exert, the main mechanism of action of hallucinogens; LSD, ibogaine, THC, PCP, MDMA, methamphetamine, mescaline,  psilocybin and DMT, of which psychological effects are discussed in the article, are not properly understood and explained by the modern methods of neuroscience due to the lack of vigorous research. The involvement of some receptors, such as, 5-HT2 (and probably other 5-HT receptors), glutamate and dopamine receptors,  adrenergic  and cannabinoid receptors, is one of the mechanisms, however it is not easy to explain such incongruent psychological effects by only receptor and neurotransmitter systems alone, since H-ASCs have, sometimes,   their own unity and gestalt, unfolding the subconscious, in the “voyages” they induce, although the perception may, or may not, be distorted depending on the person, and “set and setting”...REST   


Osmo Kontula


The Origin of Sexuality and Sexual Knowledge-REVIEW-Book Chapter

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (7): 451-470

KEY WORDS: Origins of Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sex Research, Finland

 Abstract: Sexuality is the most secret and intimate feature of human life. People guard their sexual secrets so closely that they, or their partner, may never share all their sex-related experiences, desires and dreams together, even in long-term relationships...REST  





ASEHERT-CİSEATED Presentations in Scientific Meetings and Congresses (Norway-2011)

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (7): 471-476




Carl Anton Paul Ruck



Reorienting the Shamanic Axis: Apollo from Wolf to Light

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (8): 497-510

KEY WORDS: Amanita muscaria,Apollo,,Artemis, Bacchant, berserker, Corycian Cave, Delos, Delphi, Dionysus, ergot, ethylene, haoma,Hermes

Abstract:  Delphi was the universal axis mundi or central connection with the theological cosmos for the ancient Greco-Roman world, the seat of the most renowned shaman of antiquity, the Pythoness prophetess. The long sequence of priestesses who held the office delivered oracular responses from mythical times as early as the mid second millennium BCE until the last recorded pronouncement around the year 395 CE. During this expanse of time, Greece transitioned from Pelasgian/Minoan worship of a goddess to the Indo-European evolution of the patriarchal family of Olympians, over which the male deity Zeus presided as father or sibling. The pathway of shamanic prognostication was reoriented from its former connection downward through the Corycian wolf cave on Mount Parnassos to the chthonic realm of Gaia and it was reassigned upon the building of the Delphic Temple sanctuary in the eighth century upward to Zeus...REST   


Osmo Kontula



Mysteries of Sexual Desire

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (8): 511-532

KEY WORDS: Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sex Research, Finland, Sexual Desire

 Abstract:Sexuality is a central, innate characteristic of each person from birth. Its key component is our gender: how we ourselves experience our gender and how we are perceived at first as girls and boys, and later as women and men. An integral part of sexuality is also a rapidly emerging interest in one’s own body and the different body of the other sex...REST

H. Ümit Sayın

Asiye Kocatürk


Expanded Sexual Response in the Human Female: The Mechanisms of Expanded Orgasms in Women

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (8): 533-548

KEY WORDS: ESR, Expanded Orgasm, Hypersexual Disorder

 Abstract:  In DSM-V (2013), a new sexual disorder will be defined as “Hypersexual Disorder” in the human female, described by Martin P. Kafka and APA , according a new scale called HDSI (Hypersexual Disorder Screening Inventory). However, lately there have been very fierce debates about the validity of HDSI in the academic circles . Recent publications on human female sexuality point out that sexual response can be enhanced and expanded in the human female...REST

Beverly Whipple, William E. Hartman, Marilyn A. Fithian


Female Orgasm

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (8): 549-554

KEY WORDS: Female Orgasm, PC-Muscle, Grafenberg Spot, Vulval Orgasm

Abstract: Alfred Kinsey and his associates defined sexual climax, or orgasm, as an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the peak of sexual response. Most authorities attribute it to a reflex, but some focus on the subjective perception of activity in specific genital muscles and organs...REST 





ASEHERT-CİSEATED Presentations in Scientific Meetings and Congresses (Portugal-Finland-2012)

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (8):555-574





Osmo Kontula



What Constitutes “Acceptable” or “Perverted” Sex-REVIEW-Book Chapter

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (9): 595-624

KEY WORDS: Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sex Research, Finland, Sexual Desire, Perverted, Paraphilia,

Abstract: There is no behaviour to which we do not apply social and moral judgment. This is especially true of sexual behaviour. The social dimension and all of its meanings and valuations which “coat” sexuality also coat its biological dimensions. Most explicitly this is realized and experienced by those who deviate from the accepted sexual customs of a particular community or society. In the moment of discovery, society’s hidden and sometimes unconscious rules and sanctions come to light. REST


Milton Diamond



Developmental, Sexual & Reproductive Neuroendocrinology: Historical, Clinical & Ethical Considerations-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (9): 625-642

KEY WORDS: Ethics, case registry, intersex, transsexuality, clinical treatment, surgery

Abstract:  Different milestones have marked the development of the field of neuroendocrinology. This is an essay in which a new direction is proposed; one in which the field is marked more by a concern for ethical considerations than experimental procedures..REST


H. Ümit Sayin &

Asiye Kocatürk


Some Findings on Turkish Women and Women’s Rights in Turkey-Research

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (9): 643-656

KEY WORDS: Sexual Behavior, Turkish Women, Women’s Rights, ESR, Expanded Orgasm

Abstract:  A short overview and summary of sexual behavior of Turkish women in Turkey is briefly given with some survey statistics, which were realized in 1993, 2003, and 2013. Also a short view of women rights problems is summarized..REST


Milton Diamond &

Hazel G. Beh


Abstinence-only Sex Education: Potential Developmental Effects-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (9): 657-664

KEY WORDS: sex education, abstinence-only programs, sexually transmitted disease, teenage pregnancy



Carl PA Ruck


A Drink of the Galaxy: On Deifying Milk of Goddess-REVIEW

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (9): 665-710

KEY WORDS: Dionysus, Heracles, Hera, lily, mushroom, wolf, cat

Abstract: The obscurantist Hellenistic poet Lycophron referenced the initiation of Heracles as a beast suckling the breast of the goddess Hera. This was the event that was the mythological origin of the Galaxy and of the lily flower that incarnated the same deifying essence as the celestial milk of the goddess and it was the etiology for the domestication of felines. As the Lion of Nemea, Heracles was the greatest of the wild cats. The event of the lactation of Heracles is depicted on four Etruscan mirrors and a Faliscan-Hellenic red-figure krater...REST






ASEHERT-CİSEATED Presentations in Scientific Meetings and Congresses

2016-Tartu; Estonia ●  Tepozlan; Mexico

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (9):711-722




Milton Diamond, Teresa Binstock, James V. Kohl


From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (10): 743-772

KEY WORDS: Adult, Sexual Behavior, Fertilization, nurture, development

Abstract:  Research has established the broad mammalian developmental plan that genes on the sex chromosomes influence gonad development which determines gonadal hormone production (or its absence) leading to modification of the genitalia and simultaneously biasing the nervous system to organize adult sexual behavior. This might be considered the “gonad to hormones to behavior” model. It is clear, however, that although this model generally works well it is incomplete. The model does not account for behavioral influences attributed to the environment or to genetic but nongonadal or hormonal factors. In this essay we probe those areas of sexual development that are neither differentiated by hormones nor activated by them....REST


Osmo Kontula


Taking Happiness into Your Hands

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (10): 773-786

KEY WORDS: Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sex Research, Finland, Masturbation

Abstract: Today, masturbation is recommended as a tool for practicing and expressing one’s own sexuality and the ability to experience pleasure, and as part of therapy in treating various sexual problems. Masturbation is a key means to experience and express sexuality, alone, or together with a partner. In the latter case, especially if one is the object of such stimulation, the term is manual stimulation. Manual stimulation is an essential part of a wide array of lovemaking techniques.


H. Ümit Sayin


System Theory in Sex Therapy

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (10): 787-802

KEY WORDS: System Theory, General System Theory, Neuroscience, Brain, Open System, Closed System, Scientific Model, Sex Therapy, Holistic Medicine

Abstract:  Constructing a System Theory (ST) is a method to establish a logical, mathematical, self-consistent, self-existing, coherent model to explain the interactions of the elements, functions and development of a closed or open system. System Theory (ST) is very important to define, organize, evaluate, control, regulate the systems and form mathematical models in a set of elements of that particular system. General Systems Theory (GST) is a name which has been adopted to describe a level of theoretical model-building which lies somewhere between the highly generalized constructions of pure mathematics & logic and the specific theories of the specialized disciplines. Also Sex Therapy and other therapies should regard the gestalt of the system as a holistic approach. Nowadays Systemic Sex Therapy is prevailing...REST


Osmo Kontula


You Learn When You Are Young

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (10): 803-818

KEY WORDS: Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sex Research, Finland, Young Sex

Abstract:Where does sexuality begin? At least for some people, it begins in the womb. Studies have shown that some foetuses try out masturbation even before birth. After birth, sexuality emerges in individual ways. Some children are very interested in their sex organs and discover the experience of pleasure early on, through touching themselves. Children usually do not have a name for what they are doing, but they feel and experience much the same as adults.


Carl Anton Paul Ruck


Thracian Mystery Religions

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (10): 819-854

KEY WORDS: Dionysus Cult, mushroom, Dionysus, haoma, Apollo, Medea, Perseus, ergot

Abstract: The ancient Mystery mythological tradition links northern mainland Greece and the islands of Samothrace and Lemnos with Troy, Persia, Boeotian Thebes, Egypt, Crete, Etruscan Italy, the Peloponnesus, Athens, and the sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at the Attic village of Eleusis. Common to this wide geographical matrix is the role of a psychoactive mushroom as a shamanic sacrament affording access to mystical experience. The Greek Homeric tradition knew of the plant as the Homeric moly, [h]omomi, and the haoma sacrament of the Zoroastrian Magi priests and the warrior brotherhood of Mithraism. This was expressed as a zoomorphic anthropomorphism in the figure of the Gorgon Queen Medusa, and the bovine and taurine metaphors for the Amanita muscaria mushroom






ASEHERT-CİSEATED Presentations in Scientific Meetings and Congresses  in 2017

Antalya-Turkey; NACS, Trondheim-Norway

SexuS Journal ● 2018 ● 3 (10):855-872