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Uncontrolled Intimacy:

Sexsomnia Emerging with Obstructive Apnea

 Carlos Schenck

Abstract:  A 32 year old married man presented to a sleep disorders center with a chief complaint of “fondling my wife during sleep.” His wife of 10 years had urged him to seek help for this sleep-related problem that had begun four years earlier, when he commenced to snore and also grope and fondle his wife sexually while being sound asleep.  His snoring became progressively louder over time, and his wife reported that “he would keep trying to hump me while he was asleep.” She was “shocked” to observe her husband engage in a full repertoire of sexual behavior with her while he was fully asleep, four nights weekly over a period of years.  What further irked her was that he never remembered these events in the morning, so there was nothing for him to discuss with her. Non-sexual sleeptalking also appeared for the first time when he started to snore, and had persisted. His wife felt aggravated by her husband’s sleepsex, which she found to be quite offensive and it also disrupted her sleep. She doubted whether she could continue to sleep with her husband much longer and wondered whether she could remain married to him indefinitely if the sleepsex persisted. The aim of this paper is to elucidate the anatomical and molecular nature of sexual desire.   As such we have focused our attention to the telodiencephalic reproductive complex and the functional interactions with the cortico-limbic circuit that regulate sexual and non-sexual motivation. 
KEY WORDS:  Sexsomnia, Apnea, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Intimacy
SexuS Journal ● 2017 ● 2 (3): 075-080


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